Yong Yue Yeng, BSc, BCaBA

Yue Yeng holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from HELP University and began her career as a behavioural therapist in 2014. Over the past 7 years, she has been working closely with children and families living with Autism, GDD, ADHD and other learning difficulties. She has been a shadow teacher, social coach, 1:1 home-based and centre-based therapist, social group facilitator, case manager, trainer, and supervisor for those who are working towards the Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT) credential. Yue Yeng plays an active role in the dissemination of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Practices. She is a committee member of the Malaysian Certified Behaviour Analyst Association (MCBAA) and Behaviour Express (BE) Association.

Yue Yeng became a Board Certified assistant Behaviour Analyst (BCaBA) in November 2018 and has been an ABA Supervisor since then. While working as an ABA Supervisor, Yue Yeng led the Training and Development team in the company and provided in-house and external training for parents, caregivers, teachers and therapists. She worked within a multidisciplinary team and collaborated with Developmental Paediatricians, Clinical Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCO), School Counsellors, School Teachers and Speech Pathologists. Her daily work includes leading and facilitating discussion within multidisciplinary teams; conducting intake and progress assessments; developing Individual Education plan (IEP) and Behaviour Intervention Plan (BIP); conducting monthly therapist-parent progress meetings; overseeing clients progress, and supporting school teachers in inclusive mainstream schools.

Currently, Yue Yeng is pursuing her Master Degree in Clinical Psychology. She is particularly interested in psychological assessments and psychotherapy. She is working towards becoming a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in ABA, to help individuals with developmental, learning and psychological disorders by identifying their emotional and behavioural challenges. While doing her coursework, Yue Yeng continues to provide remote supervision for RBTs from Malaysia and Singapore. She is also a trainer for the 40-hour RBT training.