Heng Jean, MSc, BCBA


Jean embarked on her journey in behavioural science through a brief introduction on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in her undergraduate course in 2015. She gained her degree in Bachelor of Psychology from HELP University, Malaysia and completed a master's degree in ABA from Bangor University, United Kingdom in 2017. In 2020, Jean gained her certification as a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. With her certification, she wants to reach out to individuals with special needs in a larger scale to support them in achieving meaningful outcomes in their life.

In the past years, Jean has worked in multiple instructional settings across countries. In Malaysia, she worked as an ABA therapist and a team leader in a one-to-one instructional setting to promote skills learning in young children with special needs. When Jean was in the UK, she worked in several local special needs school to support children from 4 to 12 years old in group teaching settings. Jean also worked as a senior ABA teacher in a private organization in Hong Kong for nearly 3 years before returning to Malaysia. She has experience providing school-, center- and home-based services. Her skillset involves graphing and data analysis, designing individualized education plans, conducting functional behaviour assessments as well as staff training. Currently, Jean is providing remote supervision to her colleagues who are working under the BACB certification