Registered Behaviour Technician

What is RBT?

RBT is responsible for direct implementation of behaviour analysis services. RBT does not design intervention or assessment plan.

How to obtain RBT?

  • 40 hours RBT Training
  • Competency Assessment
  • Board Exam

RBT Training covered:

  • Measurement - Data collection, enter data and update graphs.
  • Assessment - Assist with functional assessment and preference assessment.
  • Skill Acquisition - Implement DTT, NET, task analyzed chaining procedures, discrimination training, fading, generalization and maintenance procedures.
  • Behaviour Reduction - implement extinction, differential reinforcement procedures (e.g., DRA, DRO) and antecedent interventions.
  • Documentation and Reporting
  • Professional Conduct and Scope of Practice

RBT Training duration: 40 hours (around 2 - 3 months)

RBT Training Fee: RM 1850