Board Certified Behaviour Analyst

What is BCBA?

BCBA is responsible to design Behavioural Intervention Plan (BIP), Individual Educational Plan (IEP), conduct behavioural assessment, and modify behaviours using behaviour-analytic interventions.

BCBA supervises the work of BCaBA and RBT.

How to obtain BCBA?

  • 270 hours BCaBA Course
  • 75 Supervision Hours
  • Board Exam

Course duration: 270 hours (around 1.5 years)

Course Fee: Course is unavailable at the moment

Nature of Supervision (adapted from BACB, 2016)

  • Observe session and deliver performance feedback
  • Evaluate the effect of behavioural service delivery
  • Demonstrate and model technical, professional and ethical behaviours
  • Guide problem-solving and decision-making repertoires
  • Review documents and written materials (e.g., programs, data sheets, reports)

Supervision Fee: (Malaysian) RM 180/hour 

Supervision Fee: (International) RM 200/hour (International Package more than 35 hours) RM 180/hour